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Links a Bosnia y Herzegovina en la Web
Viajes Virtuales

Viaje virtual a través de páginas Web de Bosnia y Herzegovina o relacionadas con Bosnia y Herzegovina. Los links son a sitios en todos los idiomas con el propósito de proveer información a la vez de crear la apropiada sensación de un viaje virtual. Al final incluimos algunos links a sitios en inglés que tal vez puedan auxiliar la información presentada.

Bosnia y Herzegovina - Breve Orientación:
Nombre: Bosnia y Herzegovina
Capital: Sarajevo
Localidad: Europa
Idioma: Bosnio, croacio (oficiales), serbio

Mapa de Bosnia y Herzegovina en Links a Bosnia y Herzegovina en la Web.
Mapa de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Bosnia y Herzegovina se encuentra localizada al sur en Europa. Al sur hace fronteras con Montenegro, al sureste con Serbia, y al norte y oeste con Croacia. Tiene una pequeña costa en el mar Adriático. El terreno en Bosnia y Herzegovina es montañoso con valles. La localidad de mayor altura es Maglic a 2,386 metros sobre el nivel del mar, la más baja es la costa del mar del Adriático a nivel del mar.

Links al Gobierno y Servicios Públicos en Bosnia y Herzegovina

Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gobierno de la Federación de Bosnia y Herzegovina.

Links del Turismo en Bosnia y Herzegovina

BH Tourism

Sitio Web del turismo. Qué hacer, dónde ir, cómo llegar; información práctica, atracciones, hospedaje, tradiciones, naturaleza, aventuras y otros datos útiles para el turista o viajero.

Bosnia Herzegovina Travel Guide - Bosnia Herzegovina tourist attractions, destinations, hotels, tours

“Bosnia Herzegovina Travel Info, Visocica Hill is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, northeast of Sarajevo, close to the town of Visoko. Visocica Hill drew international attention in October 2005 when a media campaign claimed that largest man-made pyramids, the so-called Bosnian pyramids were built here., During Yugoslav times Neum was an isolated retreat for the communist elite. Tourism has returned to this place and scuba-diving, parasailing, boating and jet skiing can all readily be arranged in any of the major hotels. It all costs a little less than what it costs in Croatia., This river, by many the most beautiful river in the entire country, is cherished by each community that has formed along her 207 kilometers. The Una is to the Krajina what the Neretva is to Herzegovina – life, and the life-giving forces of the Una have been revered throughout this region's history., Modrac Lake is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Tuzla Canton, close to the town of Tuzla. Modrac Lake is the biggest artificial lake in the region; it was created in 1964 by building a dam on the River Spreca. The 11-km-long and 1,6-km-wide lake covers about 17 km2 area., Neretva is a river and a picturesque river canyon located primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina originating deep in the Dinaric Alps. The total length of the river is 225 km, of which 203 km are in Herzegovina, and the final 22 km-long part, where the Neretva forms a delta, belongs to Croatia., Pocitelj is located about half an hour's drive from Mostar. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe. The most striking object in Pocitelj is the Sahat-kula, a silo-shaped fort that towers from the top of the hill above the town., Ferhadija Street, the city’s pedestrian mall, is today lined with charming cafés, restaurants and shops sporting world-famous brands. The city’s most fascinating area is Bašaršija, the bazaar quarter, in whose shops all the goods normally to be found in a Moslem bazaar can be found., The historic town of Mostar, spanning a deep valley of the Neretva River, developed in the 15th and 16th century as an Ottoman frontier town and during the Austro-Hungarian period in the 19th and 20th centuries. Mostar has long been known for its old Turkish houses and Old Bridge, Stari Most, after which it is named., Stretching over 100m across and tumbling down 25m, Kravica is one of the largest waterfalls in Herzegovina and certainly the most impressive one. The waterfalls have a natural pool dug out at the base of the falls by the constant rush of water. It is a favorite local swimming hole with picnic area, café and even a place to pitch a tent if you like., Sutjeska is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina's oldest national parks. It hosts one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe, called Perucica. Bosnia and Herzegovina's highest peak, Maglic at over 2,386m, is located in the park, directly on the border with Montenegro. It presents a challenging climb for even experienced hikers.”

Links a Mapas de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Maps

Mapas de Bosnia y Herzegovina, presentado por University of Texas Libraries.

Links a las Banderas y Símbolos de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bandera de Bosnia y Herzegovina, su historia, significado, otros símbolos de Bélgica.

Bosnian Flags (Bosnia & Herzegovina) from The World Flag Database

“Geographical and political facts, flags and ensigns of Bosnia and Herzegovina” - Banderas de Bosnia y Herzegovina. Breve información acerca del país.

Estudios de los idiomas de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Ethnologue report for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Estudios de los idiomas de Bosnia y Herzegovina por Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Estudios y reportes relacionados con las Leyes de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Guide to Law Online: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Law Library of Congress (Library of Congress)

“The Guide to Law Online is an annotated compendium of sources accessible through the Internet. Links provide access to primary documents, legal commentary, and general government information about specific jurisdictions and topics.” Introducción al sistema judicial de Bosnia y Herzegovina con links a sitios relacionados y generales por la Biblioteca del congreso de los Estados Unidos de América.

Estudios y reportes relacionados con la Economía de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia y Herzegovina en la Banca Mundial.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and the IMF

Bosnia y Herzegovina y el Fondo Monetario Internacional.

Jefes de Estado, Mandatarios de Bosnia y Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Bosnia and Herzegovina history, politics, history, politics, leaders” - Banderas y mandatarios de Bosnia y Herzegovina. Incluye las gobernaciones, ocupaciones, divisiones administrativas, rebeliones y más.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments

Jefes de estado y miembros de los gabinetes del gobierno de Bosnia y Herzegovina por la CIA.

Links a Estudios y Reportes de Bosnia y Herzegovina en general

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Estudio de Bosnia y Herzegovina presentado por el Gobierno de Australia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Estudio de Bosnia y Herzegovina por el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos de América.

The World Factbook - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Estudio de Bosnia y Herzegovina por la CIA. Provee estadísticas actualizadas incluyendo los estimados de la población, crecimiento, ingreso per capita, etc.

Country profile: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Estudio de Bosnia y Herzegovina presentado por la BBC.

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